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Friday, September 23, 2016



First, our new Super Starfish is IVAN NANCE!  Congratulations to Ivan!

Please check your child's backpack/agenda for the Fall Break Reading Challenge, and the letter about the edible landform items needed. Please let me know if you cannot provide an item.

FYI - I will not be at work on Monday after the break, but I will return Tuesday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. 

Joy Shore

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week of September 19

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine watching my daughter play lacrosse in the rain! :) It was a lot of fun. 
Only 1 more week until Fall Break! Please feel free to email me photos to share with the class to show off the kids' exciting adventures over the break!
Our latest Super Starfish is Katherine Samaan!  Congratulations!!

What is Your Child Learning this Week?
In Math are learning addition and subtraction strategies, continuing to work on problem solving strategies, how many more to make ten and decomposing numbers. In Language Arts, we are discussing  characters, setting, problem, solution, beginning, middle, end when writing and retelling stories. The students will continue to practice with their Reader's Response notebooks which touches on a number of skills. In writing, we are continuing to work on writing narratives.

We are going to the Science Lab on Tuesday, Media Center on Wednesday, Lightbulb Lab on Friday, Guidance on Friday. 

Please return your books!

Important Dates:
September 23rd: FBI Breakfast
September 26-30: Fall Break
September 29th: Last day to order from the September Scholastic flyer. 
October 4th: Zaxby's Night
October 7th: Xdrenaline
October 13th: Papa Johns Night
October 17-21: Conference Week 
October 24th: Wellstar visits our classroom to talk about Tantrums
October 28th: FBI Breakfast

**Please make sure your child is doing 4 spelling activities a week as well as the Math page and Reading Log. Also encourage your children to save paper and use as much space as they neatly can for the activities . 

Foundation UPDATE:  We have made it to our first goal!!! Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen will be going up on the roof!  Thank you for all the donations!  
Let me know if you have any questions!
Joy Shore

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


From the Foundation........

We are now $1,331 away from getting Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen on the roof in the final days of the drive, but we are still well short of our goal! So far 133 families at Addison have participated. Please help us keep the Science Lab going if you haven't participated already.

The new iPads have arrived! We won't be able to purchase this year's set for the classrooms if we don't raise $68,000 by the end of the school year. The Funding Drive is $35,000 of that goal, and we have raised $18,669 so far. The iPads cost $15,000.

Of course there are other ways to contribute through some of the other fundraisers, so please stay tuned. Coming up next is the Mixed Bag catalog sale, the first teacher experiences, and an all new Movie Night Under the Stars on October 28!

Monday, September 12, 2016


We had a blast presenting Ben Franklin projects and walking through the First Grade Museum. I am so proud of the students. 

Week of September 12

Dear Parents,

First, I want to thank the grandparents and family members who came to read to the class. It was such a treat, and we all loved it! 


1) Please remember that the spelling grid glued into the front of the homework notebook is to be used every week for spelling words. 
2) A new reading log is in your child's homework notebook this week. Please use as you feel your child is ready at home. Many students are ready for more of a challenge, therefore, the reading log is a way to differentiate. There are also more choices, so they can always read another book and answer the questions, or just answer more than one set of questions for the same book. I will periodically change the reading logs. They are not meant to overwhelm or cause stress. Homework is a way to review skills and work on responsibility and accountability. I do not want it to be an agonizing time! 

We still need items for our treasure box, so please don't hesitate to send in toys, pencils, candy, etc. for our treasure box.

CoGat testing is this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Please make sure your child gets a good night sleep and eats a nice healthy breakfast before coming to school.  They will need to be in the building and ready to go by 7:45.  This is not a hard test, but it is very tiring for the children.

What is Your Child Learning This Week?
In Math we have finished up counting and writing to 120.  We are beginning our unit on measurement this week. We will be measuring with non-standard units such as paper clips, cubes, counters, crayons, etc.  We will also be talking about shortest, longest, smaller, larger, and we will be estimating lengths of objects. In Reading/Writing we will still be talking about essential parts of narratives, and we will talk about nouns. In Phonics, we will focus on final consonant clusters such as nd, nt, ng, and nk. In Social Studies, we will begin Landforms.

If your child did not bring in the Ben Franklin project today, they may bring them in tomorrow, so that we can finish presenting. They have been doing such a good job so far. I am in love with the Ben Franklin information kites the kids did. 

We had a blast in Guidance with Mrs. Binzer last week playing a heads up guessing game. The kids loved it!

Important Dates
Tuesday, September 13 - 15th: CoGat Please make sure your child has a healthy breakfast, good night sleep and arrives on time. 
Friday, September 23rd: FBI Dad's come have breakfast with your child and then stay for the meeting.

Friday: We will have a special guest coming to talk about handwashing and germs
Monday, September 26 - 30: FALL BREAK
Thursday, September 29th: Last day to Order from the September Scholastic Reading Flyer.  

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Thank you.
Joy Shore

Friday, September 9, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of September 6

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! 
HomeworkThis week the homework will include Spelling, Reading and the Benjamin Franklin project. If you would like additional activities, please see my blog for the multitude of websites there including math, reading, social studies, science and critical thinking.

What is Your Child Learning This Week?
In Math, we will be making sure we can count to 120 as well as correctly write our numbers 1 - 120. We will also be practicing counting on from a given number. Please practice these skills at home. In Reading, we will begin our Daily 5 rotations. This includes Read to Self, Read to Someone, Read on the Computer, Word Work and Writing while I pull students into small groups for Guided Reading. During Writing, we will be working on Narrative writing and focusing on small moments. The students will focus on the important elements of narrative writing including characters, setting, problem, solution, beginning, middle, end and adding detail and descriptive words. We will be visiting the Science Lab on Tuesday continuing the Weather unit. In Social Studies, we will continue learning about Benjamin Franklin. We will be comparing and contrasting our lives with Ben's life and create a "kite" evidencing the information we have learned about him. 
Please don't forget your child has a project that is due on the 12th. Please encourage your child to complete the project on their own. They must also write about their invention and be ready to present it to the class. I am SO looking forward to seeing them.

Wednesday, September 7th: Brewster's Night 4-7
Thursday, September 8th: Grandparents Breakfast for 3rd -5th graders 7:00 - 7:15am
Friday, September 9th: Grandparents Breakfast for K-2nd graders 7:00 - 7:15 am
Friday, September 9th: SPIRIT DAY wear your Addison T-shirt or Green - WE HAVE WON THREE WEEKS IN A ROW!
Tuesday, September 13 - 15th: CoGat Please make sure your child has a healthy breakfast, good night sleep and arrives on time. 
Friday, September 23rd: FBI Dad's come have breakfast with your child and then stay for the meeting.
Monday, September 26 - 30: FALL BREAK

The first grade classes are celebrating Grandparents on Thursday, September 8th and Friday, September 9th.  If your child's grandparents  (OR someone special in their lives ) would like to come and read to the class  please click on the link below to sign up. Thank you to those who have already signed up!

The Foundation Funding Drive has been extended through September 16.  This is the Foundation's largest fundraiser for the year to help continue to keep our Science Lab going as well as provide other enrichment for the students and resources for Addison.  

There will be a classroom competition! The class with the highest % of participation by 9/9 will win an ice cream party! (right now, Mrs. Gillenwater is in 1st place, Mrs. Powers is in 2nd place, and Mrs. Lorenz is in 3rd place).

The top two classes participating in the Drive in each grade level will receive an iPad, too!!  A percentage of the funds raised also comes directly into our classroom.

Don't forget...

When we hit $20,000, Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen will spend some time up on the roof for all to see!!!

When we hit $25,000, they will KISS A PIG!!

When we hit $30,000, the kids will get to tape Mrs. Hallmark and Mr. Cohen to the WALL. 

We would hate to lose the Science lab, so please donate if you can! 
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Joy Shore

Friday, September 2, 2016


Congratulations to AVERY RUSSELBURG - our latest SUPER STARFISH!

Let's Dive Into Learning!!

Let's Dive Into Learning!!
Welcome to First Grade!