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Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 25 - 28

We have our first two students completing the Gumball Math Fact Addition tests, and they have earned the gumball machine!
Anish Chand
Sawyer Warren
Congratulations to Anish and Sawyer! I can't wait to see more of the students make it! Practice those math facts!

Wish List
Large Erasers
Dry Erase Markers
Baby Wipes

Please make sure your child brings a healthy snack each day. Also, make sure your child has a warm jacket each day and make sure the coat, hat and gloves have their names on them somewhere. We already h ave items accumulating in lost and found again.

-Penny Wars ends tomorrow!
-Make sure to complete the Six Flags Reading Logs!
-The Giggling Gator is Friday night 1/29 from 7:00 - 8:45. An Improv Comedy Show that includes all new skits - "The Cat in the Hat" and "Rumplestiltskin".  Doors open at 6:00 to buy and paint a ceiling tile if they'd like ($25) and eat dinner before the show.  Pizza, hot dogs, snacks, and candy will be available the whole evening until we run out.  Tickets are $6/each in advance (for all ages) by 1/27, or $7 each at the door.  Details for the event and advance online tickets can be paid with credit card via  The class with the highest percent of students (plus the teacher) in attendance will win a popcorn party!
-Teacher Experience Auction, 1/29 - 2/22 online only.  . We have some wonderful experiences for Addison's students with our teachers, please take a look and bid on your favorite auctions! These are priceless experiences your kids will always remember!
What is Your Child Learning this Week?
In Math we are reviewing missing addends, ten more/ten less than a number, making ten strategy and fact families. In Language Arts, we are finishing an opinion piece on our favorite" pet, and we are beginning an opinion piece on  "What if I had animal feet?" The students have to choose which animal feet they would want and why. In Science, we will continue to learn about Light. 

Joy Shore


Your child recently brought home a Six Flags reading log. Please keep this log and help your child record his or her reading minutes over the next 3 weeks to earn a free ticket to Six Flags! Also, students who read for the required amount of time (6 hours or 360 minutes) will earn a reading challenge tag from Mrs. Hallmark when we return to school after our February break! Please keep the reading log handy and help your child fill it out over the next 3 weeks. The deadline to return the reading log is Monday, February 22.
Joy Shore


Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11 - 15

Brrrr!  It is getting too cold!  I hope the warm weather comes back soon!

Speaking of cold weather, please make sure your children have warm clothes and jackets each day. I will do my best to get them outside for at least a few minutes each day, but they must be dressed appropriately.


In Math, we have been spending a lot of time on missing addends and balancing equations. We will also be comparing numbers again, figuring out ten more/ten less, addition and subtraction word problems to 20, addition and subtraction fluency and we will begin working on two digit addition within 100.

In Reading, we will be focusing on retelling stories including key details and central message, figuring out who is telling the story and comparing and contrasting adventures and experiences of characters. Also, we will use pictures and illustrations in informational text to describe its key ideas, identify the reason an author gives to support points in text and identify similarities and differences between two texts on the same topic. 

In Social Studies, we just finished learning about Harriet Tubman, and we are moving on to Theodore Roosevelt. 

In Science, we are wrapping up Magnets and will begin Sound.

In Writing, we are continuing our unit on opinion writing.

We are in need of more baby wipes! If you would like to donate baby wipes, we would gladly accept. We like to keep our desks clean and free of germs!

Please remember to have your children complete at least 4 activities from the new spelling grid, complete at least 4 activities from the homework choices and complete the reading log. If all of the students complete all of the homework, they will earn a class reward. We have yet to earn a class reward for all homework completed, so I am really hoping for that class reward! :)

September NOOR KHAN
October     RONAN AN

TUESDAY 1/12 we have Media Center
WEDNESDAY 1/13 we have Science lab
FRIDAY 1/15 Kid Chess is coming to teach us about chess!
MONDAY 1/18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - School Holiday

Please let me know if you have any questions or you need anything!
Joy Shore


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hello parents! Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday! It is hard to belief we are starting the 3rd Quarter! 

Just a few reminders as we start this new quarter:

1) Be on the lookout for report cards coming home on Thursday. Please sign the card and return it. The students will earn a reward when they return the signature card.
2) Please remember the students are to complete 4 of the 6 homework choices in addition to the spelling grid. They also need to be reading 15-20 minutes each night. They have a new Reading Log asking that they retell stories to you and state the Main idea/Central Message.
3) Please note the lice letter that came home from the nurse.
4) Please put names in your child's jacket. We have tons of jackets in lost and found.
Important Dates:
Thurs. Jan. 7 - Papa John' Night
Fri. Jan. 8th - Xdrenaline Spirit Night 4pm to 8pm
Mon. Jan. 18 - MLK Day, No School
Thurs. Jan. 21 - Chick-Fil-A Night 5pm - 8pm
Tues. Jan. 26 - School Council Meeting at 7:30am
Fri. Jan. 29 - FBI Breakfast and Giggling Gator Show

Let me know if you have any questions!
Joy Shore

Let's Dive Into Learning!!

Let's Dive Into Learning!!
Welcome to First Grade!